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Youth Intensive Outpatient Program
Coming in 2024!

The Secure Attachment Initiative’s intensive outpatient mental health program is a comprehensive and innovative treatment program designed to provide intensive care and support for youth and families facing mental health challenges. 


This program will incorporate non-traditional therapeutic methods, such as yoga, wilderness therapy and neurofeedback, alongside traditional counseling approaches. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of family involvement and offers family counseling as an integral component. By combining these elements, the program aims to promote healing, personal growth, and stronger family relationships. 


The program aims to bridge the gap between inpatient care and traditional outpatient services by offering a structured and intensive treatment option that allows participants to maintain their daily routines while receiving the necessary support and therapy.

We will offer an average of 15 hours of therapeutic treatment per week, including extension options for those who can benefit from more comprehensive trauma treatment. The program consists of 9 weekly group hours, an additional 2 hours of individualized and/or family therapy per week, 3 additional hours of non-traditional therapeutic activities - yoga, somatic experiencing, neurofeedback, creative art expression - and 4 hours of a therapeutic wilderness experience once per month. 


Group sessions will take place Monday through Wednesday from 4-7pm, with 3 hours a day for three days in an in-person group setting. The non-traditional therapeutic activities will take place both in-person and virtually, depending on the activity. We will utilize a 12 - week rotating curriculum, allowing new clients to join at any week. 

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